Everyone successful in business (managers, top executives or CEOs) need the help of consultants or professional advisers at some time or other. To recognize the need for support requires strong professional self confidence and personality. It is what makes a good manager become a successful leader.

The type of clients I work for demonstrate the willingness and humbleness to rely on the expertise of others. They bring a wealth experience to our relations and always set high standards for themselves and those they work with.

My clients have a decisive results oriented mind-set and a clear idea on what they want me to accomplish: scope and purpose of the work, expected outcome, estimated cost, timetable, risk assessment…

As I need cooperation, the clients build a solid business case and ensure that the people inside their companies know why outside consultants are brought in, and why it cannot be done in-house.

I am privileged to work for outstanding leaders in both professional and personal arenas.

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