"Very competent and able partner who is very skilled at getting to the bottom of the real business needs and then creating innovative, powerful learning. Pepe has a wonderful ability to add value through using his considerable knowledge and experience to highlight and force us in a powerful way to address and resolve the real issues. The most senior of global managers as well as those just learning their trade....they are all very much put at ease and enthused by his approach and the energy he puts into helping them and the organization develop . Pepe is the consummate professional consultant...he has never failed to deliver above and beyond expectations".

Alastair Robertson - Chief People Officer at Straumann

"Pepe is simply amazing! He is an outstanding speaker and the best leadership coach I have seen. Pepe doesn't waste time with esotericism or voodoo, but gets straight to the core of the matter and gives clear answers, drawing from his vast experience as a top executive. He can read one’s face in seconds, gives tailored advice and touches people with his energy and drive. I will definitely reach out to Pepe again””

Emanuel J. M. Riccabona, Vice President Group Development at Swarovski

“When I share why I enjoy Pepe’ sessions so much it is because he lives his values in the most honest way. And that is a very rare gift which has the ability to inspire and motivate the people he connects with.”

Nadia Barch Client Director Duke Corporate Education

"Pepe not only helped us to create and build the Tetra Pak Academy he also has been a frequent lecturer and faculty in numerous programmes. As a successful business leader and a great theorist, Pepe understands our challenges as leaders and always drives real life discussions with participants. This together with a mix of straight forward challenges to the participants, a good sense of humour and an amazing ability to energize people and groups has always made Pepe extremely successful in all the programmes we have run together.”

Ralph Hägg VP Global Learning & Organisational Development, Tetra Pak International

"Alrabie Saudi Foods Company did engage Mr José M González in a consultancy project from 2008 to 2010 and he has been a great help to us to identify and work, together with our management team, our business strategy with special focus on the marketing and sales arenas including our advertising plans. We reviewing our managerial talent gaps and overlaps, the capabilities and competences required to execute the strategy and the creation of the company BSC. Pepe managed to draw our future road map and without any doubt it did had a very positive impact into our business growth and development”.

Monther AlHarthi, CEO Alrabie Food Company LTD

"Pepe brings enormous energy and focus into a workshop. By constantly challenging and striving for clarity, a mission or a strategy will be worked out during the workshop, including aligning it, getting buy-in and understanding from the team.”

Lars Bengtsson, Vice President & Cluster Leader Sales Tetra Pak China

"Although having known and worked with Pepe for many years, he continually surprises me by bringing every time in new and valid perspectives into our strategy and leadership work. And it is always fun, too. His enthusiasm and inspiration just rubs off to the team and into execution.”

Markku Vauhkonen, Managing Director at Meka Pro Oy and former President and CEO Trafotek

"Highly professional and highly personable - Pepe delivers a winning combination of experience, passion and expertise. Engaged and fully committed, Pepe brings a fresh perspective to challenges and drives a practical process with an energized approach.”

Susan Goldsworthy, Co-Author of the double award-winning book, Choosing Change: How leaders and Organizations Drive Results One Person at a Time

“Pepe always brings extraordinary drive, passion, dedication and commitment into sessions he runs for us be it for strategy, or leadership or both! His attention to detail, his ability to push participants and organizers to extract their best is unparalleled. He is focused on leading and developing teams and individuals to be inspired and committed to achieve peak performance and deliver outstanding results. He has helped us bring learning in Panalpina to a whole new level and loved by the participants.”

Niti Khosla - Former Global Head Talent Management Novartis Pharma AG

"Over the last few years I have invited Pepe to contribute to a number of sessions in the programs direct at IMD. He brings unique insights and personal experience to such topics as Customer Centricity, Implementing Strategic Initiatives, Key Account Management-- to name just a few. One other reason Pepe is my favourite guest speaker has to do with his impact on my participants and their learning. Invariably his energy, sense of humour and good management insights earn him top scores from program participants. I have also personally appreciated his willingness to take on new challenges his flexibility to fit his material to what the program needs."

Kamran Kashani Professor at IMD

"Pepe has been instrumental in our experience in helping a major customer in defining their business strategy process, establish a final strategy document and facilitate its communication and buy in form the management team and the whole organisation. The process and outcome was highly appreciated by the client and formed a corner stone for their 3 year strategy, and it was one of their best experiences from outside counselling that they had, not only for value for money but also for learning and result!".

Amar Zahid, President Cluster North Asia-Oceania, Tetra Pak

"Pepe has been instrumental challenging our global leadership to ensure a fast execution of our strategy, as well as underlining leadership challenges associated with implementation. His passion and sense of humor wakes up any audience, ensuring that all participants are engaged and drive maximum value out of the program. Pepe delivers time after time... ".

Karl Weyeneth, Chief Operating Officer, Member of the Executive Board Panalpina AG

"Pepe inspires, informs and motivates unlike any other. His energy, passion and ability to empathize is enormously valuable. He deals with difficult and complex issues from a position of experience and strength. His creativity and insights are valuable. Pepe is a real Pro.”

Seán Meehan, Hilti Professor at IMD Business School Lausanne