Although initially many executives may consider needing support as a signal of weakness they realize quickly that the higher on the success ladder they go, the more they need a good coach.

This service is clearly open to both companies and individuals. In either case, together we establish the rules of the game, the scope of the activities and the main goals to be achieved.
When hired by companies, coaching is focused on executive teams and leadership issues, dealing with peers, leading your boss. Leading with informal authority is also highly in demand due to process oriented and matrix organizational structures.

At the individual level my expertise resides in coaching executives when they undertake a new career move and during transition periods. This includes; the first 90 days in a position, how to integrate and get acceptance in a new team, how to succeed at Corporate level, how to lead in international assignments.
PGC is an internationally well-known expert in coaching people to discover, decide and implement a clear work life – private life balance.